The Future of VoIP: Predictions and Projections for the Next Decade

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3 min readMay 1, 2024


The communication systems in both small-scale and large-scale businesses are the gluing factor behind strong teamwork. The teammates, clients, and related people need to be in sync for the smooth running of the enterprise.

Traditional phones have played their part in the past and are now in the ‘not so effective books’ of companies.

With the popular adoption of VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), the connection in and among the organization has become seamless. The VoIP software development company has not kept it limited to phone service, the use-case potential is huge. It offers advanced features like built-in SMS messaging, video calls, voice mails, caller IDs, etc.

In this article, we will be looking into how the current advancements are shaping the future of VoIP.

The Present State of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

The presence of VoIP has been over for more than two decades, yet it is not as widely used as it could be. The estimated valuation which is projected for the year 2027 is nearly $180 billion for this technology.

However, the latest inclusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI), in VoIP could exceed the projection. Broadly, the present scenario of Voice over Internet Protocol is in a growing and expanding state.

Predictions and Projections in VoIP for the Next Decade

With the evolution of advanced technology, the changes in this specific field will be very rapid in the coming years. Here are some of our predictions that we might witness in the coming decade.

1. Artificial Intelligence dictating terms

The latest trend that is shaping our future is Artificial Intelligence. On a similar note, custom VoIP development is ensuring this entire system is AI-powered. We are already witnessing virtual assistants and chatbots handling most of the human queries.

In the coming decade, the evaluation of client behavior and data will be more, resulting in a personalized user experience. But of course, human intervention would be much needed in complex issues.

2. Introduction of 5G in VoIP

The deployment of the 5G network in VoIP is one of the most discussed topics throughout the year. This inclusion is going to expand the capabilities of this system. The faster internet speed along with a reliable connection will enhance the audio and video quality. Clarity will increase customer engagement and we can witness revenue growth @10% CAGR.

3. Significant investments in the prevention of cyberattacks

The widespread adoption of VoIP will come with a lot of challenges. One of the major challenges would be ensuring intact cybersecurity. We will be seeing drastic investments in the firewall, encryption, and other security measures to safeguard from cyber attacks.

4. Changes in Infrastructure

Custom VoIP development services are improving with each passing day. It can draw a lot of attention which will drive a good chunk of traffic to it. We can witness a sharp improvement in codecs, bandwidth optimization, network protocols, and cloud computing as well. The latency would drastically reduce allowing consumers to have higher quality calls.

5. VoIP impact diversification among industries

VoIP will somehow make a way into many industries with its impact. For example, the Healthcare industry will be using VoIP to ease accessibility of medical support. VoIP app development service companies can integrate reliable and secure VoIP technology to facilitate remote patient consultations and enhance communication between healthcare personnel.

On a similar note, other industries like education, farming, goods, and services can showcase the implementation of VoIP in an impactful manner.

6. Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

The day is not that far when the primary source of communication will be VoIP across all industries. Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), a platform to connect VoIP services could be seen rising in the near future.

This will emphasize the cloud-based approaches to seamlessly integrate video conferencing, audio calls, instant messaging, and file sharing into a user-friendly interface. This unified technique will streamline communication workflows and improve overall efficiency.

Rapid development in VoIP is showcasing a promising future for connecting the world. Advanced virtual assistants high-quality video conferences, and a lot of mysteries to unveil in this particular technology.

I hope now you have an idea of how VoIP might change itself and our lives over the next decade.



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