Softphone: Its Types and Top Features That You Must Know

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“You don’t need to be stuck to your desk like a Ball and Chain, Time to cut loose with a PimentoPhone.”

This is truly a Dog-eat-Dog Era for businesses. In this instance, the business could not afford slow, rigid or barrier-packed communication. All it needs is consistency, reliability, safety, and flexibility in communication from wherever, and whenever.

With this virtual world, communication has also gone virtual. No more wires or bulky devices, just an installed software application i.e., the Softphone is perfect to ease your communication challenges.

“Technology: My destination knows no end. Would you like to join?
Communication: Challenge Accepted.“

Scroll through the things we will cover in this write-up.

  • What is Softphone?
  • Why is Softphone your Solution?
  • Types of Softphone
  • Features of Softphone

What is Softphone?

Well, Softphone is not exactly some cushy or plush gadget. It is a future-proof software application, installed on internet-connective devices such as desktops, laptops or mobile devices. It allows you to connect on call over the internet using your business number without needing your employee’s personal phone number or other stuff.

It offers a seamless user experience and supports a multi-generational workforce. Along with the voice call, it supports call-forwarding, teleconferencing, SIP-to-SIP messaging features and whatnot.

“In Simple words, it is a virtual phone as an application that can be installed on a laptop, mobile and desktop. Your team can manage calls from anywhere while maintaining a professional image.”

Why is Softphone your Solution?

  1. Does your calling system in the business eat up your budget due to expensive setup, maintenance, or call rates, especially for long-distance calling? Softphone cuts off your unnecessary costs.
  2. Facing limited mobility issues, do you have to be tied to your desk to manage calls? The softphone lets you make calls from anywhere, anytime with internet connectivity.
  3. Facing scalability issues such as finding it hard or costly to expand your business with hardware? Then, using a softphone you can add more users without needing expensive hardware.
  4. Tired of complex set-ups and maintenance? then, simply install a softphone that gives you professional help and time.
  5. Frustrated with limited features? Softphones are feature-packed, providing you with thousands at a time.
  6. Want to upgrade from hardware bulk to software comfort? Softphone reduces the wear and tear of hardware and keep you light.

Types of Softphone or VoIP Dialer:

Softphone or VoIP Dialer Software are available in various options. This has become a forefront solution for those working remotely. It supports voice calls, conferencing, call forwarding, messaging and many more. Choosing the best softphone or dialer system depends upon various factors such as the purpose of use, functionality, standards or protocol, and features offered.

The major types of Softphones are as follows:

SIP Softphone: SIP Softphone requires the Session Initiation Protocol to communicate over the internet through voice, video calls or instant messaging. Vindaloo Softtech, the best SIP Service provider, offers a white label SIP Softphone allowing them to match their corporate identity. White-label SIP dialers offer flexibility and scalability and are the best fit for various industries.

Mobile Softphone: Mobile Dialer Software is meticulously designed for smartphones or tablets. It allows you to make or receive VoIP calls through mobile devices. Mobile SIP dialers are cost-effective and best-fit for the remote or mobile workforce. Vindaloo Softtech offers PimentoPhone, a white-label mobile SIP dialer that offers cut-throat communication solutions.

Web-App Softphone: Web app Softphone allows users to make voice or video calls right from a web browser, without needing any software installation. White-label PC dialers can be integrated into web applications for better communication solutions. Web-based SIP clients offer convenience and accessibility and allow users to communicate smoothly from any device.

Desktop Softphone: The desktop dialer software is to be installed on a computer to make or receive VoIP calls using a headset or microphone. We offer white-label PC dialers that meet your specific business requirements, including personalized features and branding options. The dialer for PC offers all the features right from calling, to instant messaging to voice-mail.

Hey! Are you confused about which is best? Softphone Vs Deskphone? Check out the difference between a Softphone and a desk phone!

Features of Softphone:

At Vindaloo Softtech, we offer the most advanced Softphone — the PimentoPhone which allows you to make calls from your mobile, desktop or laptop. It is quite simple to use and allows easy integration. Look at how PimentoPhone offers you a seamless communication experience. Explore the great features of Softphone.

  1. HD Voice, Video Calling***, Conferencing: Softphone allows users to make uninterrupted voice calls using VoIP technology. Simply dial the number within the softphone application to connect over a call. It also allows face-to-face communication, conferencing and virtual meetings with crystal clear visual clarity.
  2. SIP-to-SIP Messaging: If you want to shoot a quick ping, softphone offers snazzy SIP-to-SIP messaging features that ease your way of sending texts.
  3. Presence Status: It lets you check the presence status of your colleagues whether they are online, offline, or Busy on another call.
  4. Call Forwarding or Transfering: It allows you to pass a call with its call forwarding and transfer options. So you can attend the call effectively whether you are on the go or need a quick handoff.
  5. Voicemail or Call recording: Don’t worry if you miss a call, Softphone allows you to manage voicemails and lets you read the text on the go with voicemail transcripts. Apart from that, you can record every detail of important conversations with its call recording feature.

Yes! These are the features of a Softphone, But what’s special about the Pimentophone- The Ultra-modern Softphone?

  • White Labelling Support
  • Security at its peak
  • Call Hold/Unhold
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Logs
  • Call Mute/Unmute
  • Voicemail
  • DND (App Side)
  • Share contact Sync
  • Support DTMF
  • WSS Protocol Support
  • Push Notifications (Firebase and APNs)*
  • SMS*
  • BLF and Speed Dial*
  • Multiple Codec Support (PCMU, PCMA, GSM, Opus and G729**)
  • Video Support***

*Requires custom development
**G729 requires a server-side licence
***Requires appropriate network infrastructure and server that supports video calling

Stay tuned to learn how softphone works. Explore more about PimentoPhone, A Softphone! Connect with us to Connect better with your Clients.



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